Welcome to the Marine Genomics Project

Acropora coral garden with giant clam. Raging Horn, Osprey Reef, Coral Sea. Photo obtained from WikiCommons. By Richard Ling.

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MG.org: a web-based interface for public transciptomic and genomic data and analysis tools.

The Marine Genomics project is an inclusive organization that welcomes all investigators who are interested in applying genomic approaches to furthering our knowledge of marine organisms.

Site Features:

  • Species ESTs: Search annotated ESTs.
  • Unigenes: Search annotated assemblies of ESTs (unigenes).
  • Blast: Blast your sequences against MG.org ESTs and unigenes.
  • Mailing List: Sign up for the MG.org mailing list in your user account preferences.
  • Flag Features: Registered users can flag ESTs/contigs for quick future access.

Coming Soon:

  • EST processing pipeline: Curators can upload their EST sequences for trimming, screening, genbank submission and inclusion onto this site.
  • Automatic Updates: Automatic incorporation of new ESTs from Genbank's dbEST.