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Why is login at different?
The Marine Genomics Project uses Shibboleth® to provide "federated" authentication services for this website. This means that you may use the user name and password from your institution to login. You do not need to create a new account for this web site.

How to login
To find if your institution participates in this type of federated authentication see the InCommon® Participators Page. If your institution does participate you may select it from the drop down list that appears when you click the login link above.

If your institution is not listed as a participant with InCommon®, please register for an account at ProtectNetwork®. Afterwards, you may login to this site by clicking the 'Login' tab above and selecting 'ProtectNetwork' in the drop down list that appears.

Is my Login secure?
Yes, your institution will validate your user name and password. Those credentials are not shared with this site. Your password remains private. Once authenticated with your institution you gain access to resources provided here.