Karenia brevis


Common NameKarenia brevis (toxic dinoflagellate)
Number of Contigs22,671
Number of ESTs65,292
Karenia brevis is a dinoflagellate whose expressed genome is of significant interest because of its role in producing harmful algal blooms (HABs) or "red tides" that occur annually in the Gulf of Mexico. Dinoflagellates are microscopic, unicellular, flagellated, often photosynthetic protists, commonly regarded as "algae" (Division Dinoflagellata). K. brevis "red tides" cause extensive marine animal mortalities and human illness through the production of highly potent neurotoxins known as brevetoxins. Although K. brevis has come to be known as the Florida red tide organism, it has been implicated in blooms in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Mexico, and the Carolinas.