Karenia brevis

EST Assemblies

New unigenes are built after a significant number of sequences are added to this project.
The following unigene builds are currently available below in downloadable FASTA format.
Unigene Version Assembly description Program Version Date
v3All public ESTs for K. brevis were obtained from NCBI dbEST. Vector was screend by cross_match against the NCBI UniVec database. Finally a unigene was built using cap3.

v2Assembly provided by Fran VanDolah of a set of assembled ESTs from 2005. Contigs generated by DNAStar software. Due to differences in file format and unigene construction this unigene does not have "singlets" nor do member ESTs appear for these contigs.

v1cap3 Assembly of Karenia brevis (toxic dinoflagellate) ESTs into a Unigene