Public Tools

Blast your sequences against the public databases available on
Run a Blast job

GBrowse is a popular tool for viewing genomic annotations and alignments. It is part of the GMOD suite of tools. Many of the genomic featuers in can be viewed in Gbrowse from direct links on the feature pages.
Use Gbrowse

Selective GO Analysis
Putative GO analysis annotations are available for each genomic feature in GO summary charts are available for each species/project as well. The Selective GO Analysis tool allows a user to enter a list of MG accession IDs to create custom GO analysis reports and charts. The list of IDs entered can span projects or species.
Perform a Selective GO Analysis

Contig Finder
The contig finder tool generates a list of contigs from a list of EST accession numbers that you provide.
Use the contig finder tool

Contributor Tools

EST Quality Control and Trimming
Project data contributors can upload Sanger Style Sequencing trace files or EST fasta files for base-calling (if needed), vector screening, contaminant removal and trimming. The tool provides an online interface for viewing sequence success and trimming statistics. After reviewing sequence success, contributors can submit all high quality sequences to as well as to NCBI Genbank.
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